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Keys To The Door

The Video Clips

Each of the following clips focuses on a particular aspect of ‘moving on’ for the parents we talked with. The clips build on the issues that they raise or refer to in the film.

Following each clip there are some questions that you may want to think about by yourself or within a group. A set of possible thoughts and comments - shared with us by parents and others can be found at the end of the questions. You might want to see if your thoughts and responses are similar or maybe you thought of something different, personal to you, that we haven't covered. 

If you are running a session using the clips you might wish to use the thoughts and comments provided as a 'back-up' or to further stimulate conversation within the group. 

"I think they give her too much choice"


Here Linda and Maureen talk about the meaning and consequences of choice.

Discussion points

  • What do you think about the issue of choice? 

  • What do you think of Maureen's comments?

  • What do you understand by the term  'informed' choice?

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