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Keys To The Door

The Film

This short film is 19.5 minutes long.

You are introduced to a number of parents, some in discussion with each other and some talking with Maureen and Hels from EDG. They talk about what was involved emotionally and practically in their adult children moving on from the family home. You will also see and hear about the Older Carer's Group that EDG set up.  

I am seen talking with a couple of mothers about what they have heard the older parents say about their experiences.  They go on to discuss how this relates to their own lives and their thoughts about the future.

There are a number of segments in the film; each is introduced by a title screen that captures something of the content within it.

Watching the film

You may wish to watch the film a few times and then look at some of the questions that follow.

The purpose of the questions is to help you to think about the issues raised by the parents - as a parent yourself or as a practitioner wanting to understand and therefore better support families you are working with.

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