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Forrest & Main Recordings

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Do you want more people to access your website?

 Add audio recording and expand your audience

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We have made audio recordings of websites for charities and a counselling service. We welcome all sizes of websites – whether big or small – and from charity, public or private sector.


We know that many different kinds of people can have difficulty accessing the information on websites. We are particularly interested in people with learning disabilities or those with visual loss being able to get the information they need


Our background

Chris and Tommy learnt the skills at media education. Chris learnt to do narration and make films. Tommy is the quality control person and listens carefully to any recording to make sure everything is perfect.

Forrest & Main Recordings is a social enterprise and EDG is supporting these young people to access work experience.


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Commissioning Forrest & Main Recordings

If you have a website you would like to make more accessible we would be very happy to meet with you and discuss what you need.

We will:

  • Discuss which parts of your website you would like to record

  • Agree with you the cost for the audio version of your site

  • Agree with you the format for the recordings

  • Do the recordings and the editing

  • Send you the files so you can add them to your website

As a social enterprise, we want to keep our prices at a reasonable level in order for small charities to access the service, However, we also value the work that we do and it is important to us to recognise this. We are very happy to discuss costings.

Prices start at £50

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