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About us

Great ideas for a change! We are a development agency working to promote community inclusion. 

We use person centred planning, group work, community building and training to achieve our aims. We strive to be an innovative and creative organisation. We work in close partnership with people who have a learning difficulty and their families.

Edinburgh Development Group was set up in 1991. Since then, our work has constantly evolved to keep up with (and often ahead of!) the times. We still mainly work with people who have learning difficulties and their families, but we also now work more widely with community groups, including others who may feel at risk of marginalisation.

We are known for our high quality work in Person Centred Planning and a former member of our team - Steve Coulson - designed and pioneered the use of The Big Plan with our friend Heather Simmons.

We practice from a solid base of values. We work towards everybody being full citizens who are valued and active members of their communities. We believe that everyone has something to offer. We believe in focusing on people's and communities' strengths and capacities, and we use learning from Asset Based Community Development to compliment our person centred working.

We have a strong reputation for our innovative and creative approach, and pride ourselves on our development work. Individuals and families see us as allies and professionals see us as an invaluable resource. We believe in working alongside people rather than doing 'to' or 'for'. Some people we have worked with in the past have become colleagues and advisers to us, lending further credibility to our work and training

The Team
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Chief Executive


P/T Administrator

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Development Coordinator

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P/T Administrator (Thur only)

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Development Coordinator

Finance Officer


Development Coordinator
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