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Want to meet people and make friends? 
Come and join the Belonging Network!

We meet every second Thursday 2-3.30pm on Zoom.
People join in from all over Scotland. We spend a bit of time getting to know each other by doing ice-breakers and talking about what's new in our lives. We  have some discussions about friendship. We also have a fun quiz and talk about relaxation.

Here's a video we made for international friendship day where some of our members tell you about what we do at the meetings


Belonging Network

Belonging Network

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Want to get involved?


You can email Gillian Alder:
or call
0131 476 0522

The Belonging Network's 7 Steps to Friendship

The Belonging Network has spent over 2 years meeting, getting to know each other and talking about friendship. Together, they have created this video guide via zoom:
7 Steps to Friendship. 

Guide to building trust in friendship

The Belonging Network has spent a lot of time discussing trust and safety.  The network has been exploring how to keep safe when making friends with new people and build up trust over time. This guide was created from these conversations. You can download and print it out if you would like to.

The building blocks of trust

Green Flags

Trust Graphic 1.jpg

Signs someone can't be trusted

Red Flags

Trust Graphic 3.jpg

Pictures we think of when we think of trust

Trust - comments.jpg

Our Reflections on Friendship

Here are some of our videos, words and poems about friendship:

Screenshot (9).png
When the rain came you offered me a space under your umbrella When the snow came you offer
Rainbow- friendship (1).png
Tips for good listening.png
Top tips.png
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