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Keys To The Door

For parents and family members

These resources have been developed to help you explore this particular issue that affects us as parents, carers and family members of young people and adults with learning disability - our children moving on to greater independence from us and being protected and cared for after we have gone. 

We want the best for our children and for their lives to be full and interesting. This can include daily activities such as gardening and cooking, supported employment for some, social opportunities with friends and families - the stuff of ordinary life!  Thinking about the future for them as one in which we will no longer be around to support and care for them can be very challenging...but it is something we need to do and the earlier we can start to think about it gives us time to adjust and adapt to the inevitable.   

This resource is designed to support conversations and encourage positive discussion – everyone’s experience has unique aspects but there are common themes that we share as parent and carers. Some of what you see, hear and read may feel very relevant to you, other bits less so. We are all different – as people, as parents, as family members – but we can share some experiences and learn from each other.

Looking after yourself as a parent or family member

You may find the content of the film and clips make you feel emotional. The parents involved in the filming certainly did. This is a completely natural response. Thinking about and planning for our children's future is emotional.


If you are looking at this resource by yourself you might wish to build in a break rather than view it all in one sitting. As the film deals with these emotional issues it would be helpful to think about whom you might talk to about it afterwards. If there is no one for you to talk with at the time, what can you do to support yourself if you feel upset by the issues discussed?


If you are watching the film as part of a parent-led support group and wish to work through the reflective questions together, make sure that you take it slowly and build in breaks. 

As you have come together to support each other you will already be alert to the need to take care of each other. Not everyone in the group may be ready to think about this issue. 

In advance of viewing it let everyone know:

  • what the film is going to show

  • the purpose of it

  • the questions to reflect on 

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