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Keys To The Door

Reflective questions - Feel, See, Hear and Learn

The following questions have been designed to help you view the film in greater depth. You may feel able to respond to them after just one viewing or you may need to watch it a couple of times or in small chunks.

There are no right or wrong answers; this is an opportunity to respond to what is shared and for you to think about your own situation.  

1."What did you feel when you heard these parents talking about their adult children and young people?"

2."The parents are being interviewed and so of course the situation has been created for the camera, however, what do you see in the faces of the parents as they talk about their children and their plans for them?"

3."What are the main concerns for all the parents whatever the age of their children?"

4."How does Frances feel about being more independent?" 

5."Is there a key message that the older parents are giving as they think back on the journey they have been on?" 

6. What causes a shift in the thinking of Nadine and Shona after listening to the older carers?


You may wish to work your way through all these questions or invite the group members to look at some questions in pairs or smaller groups and then feedback. 

You might wish to capture their responses under the four headings of – Feel, See, Hear and Learn.

Writing up some of what is fed back within the wider group under these headings is a useful way to validate the feedback and helps to embed the learning by showing the comments visually.

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