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Empathy in the Community

At EDG we are passionate about empathy. Empathy is about 'stepping into someone else's shoes’ and trying to understand how they think and feel even if they are very different from you. Empathy helps us to connect through our differences instead of dividing because of them. It helps us get to know each other. We are promoting empathy in the community in different ways.

Empathy in Support Work - New Website!


We have have the pleasure of supporting Alexander Warren of AJP Dreams to research and develop empathy training for support workers. 

Find our more on our website:

Or download our report

Edinburgh Festival of Empathy 2016!


In 2016, with the help of Awards for All, we ran Edinburgh’s first ever Festival of Empathy. We offered lots of different ways of exploring empathy. People from all kinds of different backgrounds had the chance to share ‘empathy meals, have a cup of tea at the empathy café, come along to workshops on listening and communication, dance together, laugh together at a laughter workshop and much, much more.

People who took part give us their views on empathy:




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