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Linda and Kim 2

Maureen: I know because some parents tell me that that’s a painful thing to do when you start talking about your daughter in the can’t modes rather than the can modes

Linda: That comes up at the moment as well because the support staff, I feel, give her too much choice in things. I feel they should be I suppose guiding her more.  You know, I’ll say to them sometimes her hairs really dirty she obviously hasn’t had a shower for a while.  They say well she doesn’t want to have a shower.  When we say to her you need to have a shower.  She says I don’t want to.  I think they should be saying to her, you must have a shower and you must be clean and you must be respectable but they seem, I feel they give her too much choice


Maureen: In a sense helping her to know what she’s presenting to people so then she can make that decision.  You know, because if she wants to make friends, have relationships you have to look lovely because that’s how you get those relationships.  If you, oh I you don’t fancy it.  It’s this funny thing about people having absolute choice but not helping someone who has a disability understand these choices have consequences and let’s think those through is really important.  That kind of cop out of the person has a choice but do they know what the choice they are making


Linda: Or what effect that will have on them and other people

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