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Some parents have told us that they have faced particular challenges when their own child has a disability because of their professional background, with other people assuming that they will 'cope better' and 'know what to do'.. 

"My own mother said 'why are you getting so upset? You're a nurse, you should be able to deal with this'. Looking after a patient is totally different from dealing with my son's disability, my emotions are involved. He's my baby!"

"You've worked with people with Down's for years, you'll be a natural at this"

Some parents have put themselves under that pressure too, believing that they should 'find it easier' when in reality of course, being a parent and being a professional are different things. Living 24/7 with a disabled child and being emotionally involved as you are when you are the parent is a very different experience from being professionally involved, however compassionate and empathetic. 

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