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The COVID-19 crisis has changed everything at the moment.

Naturally you are worried about what this means when your young person is due to leave school this year. What choices will they have?


The Transition Support Project (TSP) can help you think about the next steps.

Claire Edwards and Lindsay Graham from TSP can:


  • Talk about what is going on for you with all this uncertainty


  • Help you think about your young person's strengths, interests and needs


  • Talk about what kind of service or opportunity will best meet

those needs and give them a chance to build on their strengths and interests



The project works alongside the Young Adults with Disability Team and is

a pilot project at St Crispin's and Braidburn.

During the crisis we are available to the families of 2020 leavers

from all the special schools in Edinburgh


If you would like to have a chat with one of us please tell your social worker.

With your consent, they can pass on your telephone number

and then we will arrange a good time for you to talk.


"Creatively Co-operative: Sustaining social connections through transition "


Project based in St Crispin's from September 2017 - April 2019


EDG worked for 8 families of pupils in S4 - S6 to come together to -


  • find the best way to navigate Self Directed Support

  • find out how working ‘co-operatively’ can bring benefits

  • expand social connections

  • learn from each other and develop new skills

  • create and utilise opportunities for your young people


This video describes the project and outcomes for the families involved.

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