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Support & Services

EDG is a voluntary organisation committed to promoting community inclusion for all. We particularly work alongside people who have learning difficulties and their families. We also have experience of working with others in the community who may feel they wish to be better included.

EDG are always keen to work in partnership with families, communities and organisations to promote inclusion and social justice.

Please let us know if you have a new idea of project you would like to talk to us about!

Support to Individuals & Families

Eliza Sabine talks about working with EDG

EDG can assist you to plan for a good life, to find meaningful ways to contribute, and to find opportunities to connect with others in your community. We can help you to speak up about things that are important to you.

We are committed to working with families and carer as equal partners

Services for Organisations & Groups

EDG provides training and consultancy designed to enable other organisations to support people to have good lives.

We also have a team of highly skilled graphic facilitators. 


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