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 Iris and Andrew “I really need to step back”


Iris: Bob had had a second heart attack and we just couldn’t  I couldn’t cope with them being in the same house together and we didn’t have twenty four hour care, we just has bits and pieces of care, I did the majority of it and we’ve sort of built on that over the years until it has come to the point now where, I really need to take a step back, so does Bob, we’re getting on now, both of us have health issues, and we needed something, you know, people to be in place for Andrew, so that he can live an ordinary life to the extent that he’s able to and that was where EDG came in.


Iris: My advice to other parents would be to start this process very early on, before you’re even thinking about sending your son or daughter to any kind of supported accommodation to think long and hard, really of what you want for them.

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