Frances on Friendship (30 second listen)

We asked Frances who is an admin worker at EDG to give us a short and snappy definition of friendship for our 30 second listen. Here it is! The first few seconds are a little quiet but it gets louder so stay tuned. We recorded it over the phone as we can’t meet at the moment and we're still getting used to the technology. Listen here: or click on the picture above.

Here is what she said if you would prefer to read it:

Gillian: I thought I would just start by asking you what friendship means to you?

Frances: Keeping up with friends, and having a cup of coffee and a chat. Well, I think what’s important too is exchanging news and hearing what the other person’s doing and so you’ve got a little bit more gossip and a little bit news rather than having your own stale news’

What Frances is saying seems especially important at the moment when we can’t meet up for coffee. Sharing news is a big part of friendship – listening to someone, knowing about their life and having them listen to you.

How are you keeping in touch with your friends?

What kinds of news do you like to share?

We would love to know. Get in touch and share your experiences: or leave a message 0131 576 0522

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