Alexander’s Friendship ‘to do’ list

Before lockdown we asked Alexander what he thought is most important in friendship. He gave us a ‘to do’ list which is very heart warming and well worth a listen!

He talks about a lot of important things, that friends should be caring, have respect, take me as I am. I think the last part of this is very much worth thinking about. A big part of friendship is accepting people for who they are. No one is perfect, even though sometimes it can seem like other people are living perfect lives. Our friends know we are not perfect and they love us for the imprefect people we are.

Also, he points out that friends grow to love each other over time. This is not the same as falling in love romantically, it’s a kind of friendship love.

What do you think of these ideas? Do you think it’s important to accept friends as they are? What are the pros and cons of that? Do you think that it is possible to love your friends?

Let us know: 0131 476 0522

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