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Jimmy's Book Readings

‘As Long as We’ve Got a Voice’ Jimmy McIntosh Book Readings

You may remember that after many years, the book about the life of our friend and colleague and lifelong Disability Rights campaigner, the late Jimmy McIntosh was published at the end of last year.

We think Jimmy’s story ‘As Long as We’ve Got a Voice’ is really important to share with others. We would like to arrange some readings of excerpts from the book in different ways, starting with putting some on YouTube for people to view. We would also look to have some in person readings too.

Would you be interested in reading part of Jimmy’s book to share with others? Please get in touch with us to talk about it. You can contact Maureen on 476 0522 or email ‘As Long as We’ve Got a Voice’

Jimmy's Book Readings
Download PDF • 174KB

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