Top tips for getting to know your friends from the Belonging Network

We had our first ever Belonging Network Zoom meeting yesterday and it was a great success! We spent some time getting to know each other and find out about things that we had been doing to have fun in lockdown. It was very uplifting! People had been spending time doing things like getting in touch with old friends, getting out into the garden to water plants and doing yoga and pilates. It was lovely to hear. We also had a chat about our top tips for making and keeping friends. Everyone thought getting to know your friends is the most important thing, No matter how long you have known someone, you can still get to know them better. The group came up with this list of ways to get to know someo

Come and Join our Belonging Network

Until covid hit, our Belonging Network had been meeting fortnightly to hold Friendship Factories. These were events where we got to know each other though fun activities and also explored friendship. We looked at what is difficult about making and keeping friends and what we can do to overcome difficulties. At the end of each session we invited people to share what they had liked about being there. Today we made this word cloud with some of the people's words. I don't know about you but I feel pretty good inside when I look at it! Now we're looking at how to keep connected and support people with friendship during lockdown. We'll hold our first two Zoom Meetings on Thu 28th May 2pm- 3.30pm T

Alexander’s Friendship ‘to do’ list

Before lockdown we asked Alexander what he thought is most important in friendship. He gave us a ‘to do’ list which is very heart warming and well worth a listen! He talks about a lot of important things, that friends should be caring, have respect, take me as I am. I think the last part of this is very much worth thinking about. A big part of friendship is accepting people for who they are. No one is perfect, even though sometimes it can seem like other people are living perfect lives. Our friends know we are not perfect and they love us for the imprefect people we are. Also, he points out that friends grow to love each other over time. This is not the same as falling in love romantically,

Frances on Friendship (30 second listen)

We asked Frances who is an admin worker at EDG to give us a short and snappy definition of friendship for our 30 second listen. Here it is! The first few seconds are a little quiet but it gets louder so stay tuned. We recorded it over the phone as we can’t meet at the moment and we're still getting used to the technology. Listen here: or click on the picture above. Here is what she said if you would prefer to read it: Gillian: I thought I would just start by asking you what friendship means to you? Frances: Keeping up with friends, and having a cup of coffee and a chat. Well, I think what’s important too is exchanging news and hearing what the

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