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My name is Linda Keys and I’m a Development Coordinator. At EDG I bring a lot of my history of doing community work and loads of facilitation experience and I love coming up with ideas for new pieces of work.  When I very first applied for EDG there was a paragraph in the job description saying you needed to have integrity and honesty to work here.  That was in 2006 and everyone that I have worked with here has held up those values so it feels like a really very strong ethical team to be a part of.  We are constantly creating and coming up with new ideas so I love that.

My dream for EDG would be something we have actually explored in the past was the idea of an empathy hub. We became very busy with some other work so we were unable to pursue it at the time but it’s the idea that it’s somewhere people could come together, we could host people, people would actually be able to visit EDG as a place and the idea that all of the activities that we ran there having the thread of empathy running through them all.

Outside of EDG my young family make me very happy.  I’ve got two little boys, a cat and a partner at home.  One of the big passions in life is pursuing my training as a yoga teacher.  I do a lot of that in my spare time.  I just love it.

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